Verona Italy 2019

Known as the “Kingdom of Stone”, Italy is known as the center of the world stone trade. Verona, with a long history, held the world-famous stone exhibition on September 25-28, 2019-the 54th Italian Verona Stone Fair, Marmomac in English; Verona International Stone Fair is the largest and most The professional exhibition is a grand event for global stone industry raw material, processing equipment manufacturers, buyers, traders and design companies. It is also a top platform for obtaining information on the international stone market and grasping business opportunities and industry trends. The exhibition brings together a large number of well-known international companies and various excellent stone products, and focuses on the most classic stone types in the international stone industry, the most avant-garde stone designs, wonderful stone industrial products, the latest stone processing technology and tools, and stone mining and maintenance Technology, showing the popular trends and designs of various stone materials.
As an exhibitor, our company sent three representatives to participate in the exhibition this year.

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